Our Daily Rhythm – 8 months old

I was cleaning up lunch the other day, trying to think back to what the rhythm of our days looked like just a mere few months ago, and it struck me that, already, it was hard to remember. The weird illusion about the days at home with a baby is that the routine can seem so unchanging day after day, yet, at the same time, new rhythms emerge so quickly, with how fast the tiny people change and grow.

So, I decided I should start writing them down. Why? Two reasons:

First, the startling discovery of how hard it was to remember our routine from just a few months ago, made me realize that this very rhythm of this very season will too meld into a new one without warning. Is it ever the truth that the days are long but the years (months, even) are short. And when it’s gone, I think I’ll want to look back, the same why I’d like to look back on earlier days now too, even with an only 8 month old baby.

Second, I am fascinated by the routines within peoples’ ordinary daily lives. Something about it is so grounding and comforting to me. An opportunity to embrace the mundane moments that ultimately weave together our entire motherhood. Again, is it ever the truth that it is our seemingly insignificant daily happenings that create our lives, our childrens’ childhoods, our legacy. So, if I take so much joy in learning about how other people operate in the day to day, maybe, someone else out there does too.

Speaking of how quickly the rhythms change, Elliott will be 9 months old next week, which will bring the addition of a third solid-food meal each day, changing up our routine yet again! So, before that sneaks right up on us, here we go…


We all wake up / Snuggle in bed / Head downstairs for free play / Mama eats breakfast / Read books together / Unload the dishwasher / Get Elliott dressed and hang out together

On Mondays, we do groceries during this first block of the day.


About 2.5-3 hours after waking, Elliott takes his first nap which usually lasts about 45 minutes, while I get ready, make the bed, put on a load of laundry


Once Elliott wakes up, I nurse him / We finish up some chores / Head downstairs for lunch with Michael


Finish up lunch / Head out for a walk


Lunch for Elliott / Clean up / Playtime before second nap


Elliott goes down for his second nap after being awake for about 3.5 hours; between 2 and 3 pm, and usually sleeps for about 45 mins / If he had an early start to the day, I will nap with him or go help him back to sleep when he wakes after 45 mins so that he can stretch the nap a little longer


Elliott wakes up from his second and last nap between 3:30 and 4pm / I nurse him / We play together, then usually he will go into his Jolly Jumper closer to 5pm so I can get started making dinner while we wait for Michael to finish work for the day and come upstairs


Michael comes upstairs / I finish making dinner while Michael plays with Elliott / We eat dinner as a family


Often Elliott will have a bath in the evening / We do his lotion & sleeper / Play as a family downstairs in the basement with the foamnasium and other toys


We head upstairs shortly after 7 to begin the bedtime routine of brushing teeth, reading stories and getting Elliott into his sleep sack. Around 7:30pm, I nurse him to sleep.