Our Daily Rhythm – 18 months old

Technically Elliott is 19 months old, but for ease of finding these posts later and keeping these neat and tidy, I decided to round down (and this is the same rhythm as 18 months anyway). Just as I mentioned in my first daily rhythm post from when Elliott was 8 months old, I’m keeping these as a sort of journal entry, a treasury of our magical mundane moments at home together in these early years. It is not lost on me that one day I will long to return to these moments, and since that won’t be possible, at least I will be able to take a walk down memory lane. Already, our days have changed from less than a year ago when I wrote the first post, a reminder of how fleeting these rhythms are, however consistent they feel in the day to day.


Wake up


Nurse / Play / Have breakfast / Unload dishwasher / Coffee! / Get dressed and ready for the day

We usually have a little bit of overlap for a quick family coffee, which is a huge perk of Michael working from home

9am – 12pm

Outing following a weekly rhythm: Monday – Grocery store or Music Class, Tuesday – Playdate, Wednesday – Barre Fitness Class, Thursday – Toddler Time at the Community Center, Friday – Barre Class

12pm – 1:30pm

Nap time for Elliott / I do course work as I am in my second to last course for my Masters of Education


Elliott gets up from his nap and if it is nice enough outside we usually head right out and bring a picnic snack to a park / Elliott loves to shovel, so if there is snow on the driveway, that is our outdoor activity!

If it’s very cold, we will sometimes do an indoor outing like the library or swimming pool, or just go outside for a short time and spend the rest of the time at home inside

3:30 – 5pm

Indoor play or activity like sensory bin, play dough, or painting / Fold laundry if needed / Read books / Prep dinner together


Michael finishes work and usually takes Elliott to play in the basement while I finish dinner prep

5:30pm – 6:30pm

Dinner / Family time / Cleanup

6:30pm – 7:30pm

If it is a bath night, I will usually Get Elliott into the bath while Michael finishes cleaning up / Family time while Elliott plays, usually upstairs / Pajamas / Brush Teeth / Read Books / Nurse to Sleep